Tuesday, December 1, 2009

He's A Brick House

I have a dog named Roscoe. When we got him from the rescue agency they told us they thought he was part Dachshund and part Basset Hound.

Take a minute to picture a dog that is shaped and is as large as a Basset Hound with the coloring of a red Dachshund and you have Roscoe.

I really think he might be part potbelly pig. Those rescue groups. Such tricksters.

Following is a conversation that I have with Roscoe on a nightly basis while I'm working out. Here goes:

**I'm getting into position to do sit ups...which means I'm laying on the floor.**

Roscoe: Jumping down from his perch on the couch..."What 'cha doin' now?"

Me: "Roscoe! GET OFF OF ME! ICK!" Pushing Roscoe's face out of mine...

Roscoe: "I was thinkin' when yer done there doin'...um...whatever that is yer doin' that you could get me a treat." Proceeds to lay very large Basset Hound sized head on my chest as I perform an exercise called the "Superman"...

Me: "Really? Because it doesn't look like you need a treat, buddy. I'm the one working out here and you haven't moved an inch."

Roscoe: "Yeah but just watchin' you work out makes me hungry...looook at me, I'm starving! You never feed me....enough table scraps...my rolls and barrel shaped body are thinning." Dramatic pause...

So, I figure that I should get extra credit for 1.) Working out with full grown potbelly pig...er..."dog" on my chest and B.) Reasoning with a hound dog about food on top of that.

Who's with me??!??

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