Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You Know How Holding Someone's Hair Back While They Puke Makes You Really Tight With One Another?

Hey. It's 2010. A few days ago it was 2009. How many of you rang in 2010 with promises of better things, places, people....a better you, perhaps? Don't answer that. I know 99.9% of you did and I was among you. It seems that since 2010 rolled it's big 'ol butt into town that I've felt like I have had a constant hangover.

You know...headache, stomachache, body Add to that a dollop of depression and HERE I AM!

I want to lose weight. I want to lose it so badly but I cannot for the life of me find any motivation or energy to do it. I have accepted the fact that I will never again look like the pre-baby me. I'm ok-ish about that. What I cannot accept is the weight that I have to take off that I'm not able to. I have come to one major conclusion about why I can't find the motivation or the willpower or the mojo...

My schedule.

I work until 6:00 pm or later every weekday except for Fridays and I don't get home until at least 6:30pm. AT LEAST. I have a 6 year old who needs me and a family that I have to take care of. Waking up in the morning early to work out makes me want to throw up. Seriously.

I need to do something though. I need to start to feel more comfortable in my skin and the only way that will happen is by losing weight. So, I just need to stop whining about my stinkin' schedule, right? It's just an excuse for the laziness that is ME.

So, I'm not going to make any New Year's resolutions because as all of us know...they get wasted faster than my dad at the VFW. I'm going to make a promise to myself and most importantly, to the people who care about me, to get healthier. No, I'm not going to be perfect but I'm also going to make a serious effort to accept that I will never have the body of Angelina Jolie. Wouldn't that be AWESOME though? I digress.

So there. Now, I've bared my soul to you. It's basically like holding my hair back while I puke, right?

We're tight now, yo.


Sarah said...

Faster than my dad at the VFW...that metaphor made me laugh. :) Hometown humor. Gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

I believe in you... and your dad at the VFW... I believe in that too :) hey, don't forget you are beautiful.