Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sushi, Shenanigans, and Surprises

While I was out on the beautiful East coast, I was surprised by some of my wonderful, supportive, and beautiful friends. This group of friends is very special to me. We met just a mere 1 year or so ago on a fitness website called My Fitness Pal. It was then that I was invited to joint their private and very privileged email list. We go back and forth during the day about a plethora....yes, I just used the word 'plethora'...of subjects ranging from the serious to the not-even-close-to-serious. These girls have been my lifeline and my confidants. The one catch?

We all live in different states, for the most part.

We had never met face to face and I had never even talked to any of them on the phone. Crazy, eh?

I made plans with one of my girls on the email list to meet for dinner prior to one of my shows this past weekend. We even had shirts made up that said: "Sushi and Shenanigans Boston 2010"! I had them printed by a local friend here in Michigan. So, imagine my surprise when I walk into the restaurant and see not just my one friend but FOUR of my friends from our email group! The added bonus to the whole thing was that they were all wearing the SAME EXACT shirt that I had ordered and had printed up. How? They started arranging to meet up the minute that I made my plans, they contacted my friend who printed up the shirts and arranged for him to secretly send them extras.

They are evil genius's. One of the many reasons that I'm friends with them.

Meeting them in person just solidified how much I adore them; to meet them was a gift that I will cherish forever. For them to go out on a limb and arrange this surprise meeting was wonderful. I mean, for all they knew, I could have been an ax murderer, right?

I'm not.


Thank you, girls. I will never be able to express how much that surprise meant to me.


Shuntae said...

What in the world was I looking at??

I'm so glad we could all be meant just as much to be able to share this with you!

Love ya!

Sara said...

Ah! I'm so jealous! I want to meet my bloggy friends in person. : (

Melanie said...

It was AHHHMAZING, Sara! Seriously kick ass. You seem like you aren't an ax murderer...right? ;)

The Murray's said...


PhoenixRising said...

You were too busy trying not to present yourself as an ax murderer to realize that I'm really the ax murderer. *muahaha*

xox. Meeting you was the BEES KNEES!