Monday, February 22, 2010

Picking Dandelions

Picking Dandelions: A Search For Eden Among Life's Weeds....this book...was a gift to my soul. My undernourished, stagnant, Christian soul. I pray, I go to church every Sunday...I even take notes during the service with genuine interest but I've become dead in the water when it comes to what it truly means to be a Christian. This book grabbed me by the front of the shirt and shook me so hard that it hurt at times.

The author, Sarah Cunningham, is an old high school friend and so while I might be slightly biased because *squeal* I went to high school with a successful and talented author; I tried to keep myself in check. The book starts off with an account of Sarah's early memories of her childhood and how they related to her Christian walk. She is a pastor's daughter and was raised in the church so it was natural for her to have faith in God and in the world around her. As she grew older she realized both the world she lived in and her faith were somewhat tarnished.

A self-confessed "over thinker" she related humans to dandelions throughout the book and how we are constantly growing, changing, drifting aimlessly, and how we need to accept God's grace throughout all of this. She challenged herself to change in ways that helped her grow as a person through faith.

Picking Dandelions is a book that will speak directly to your heart. The book is faith based and is written in tones of warm humor and hilarious wit that will make it non-threatening to those with or without faith. Sarah's honesty throughout make you feel as if you just sat down to coffee with an old friend. The overall theme in this blog has been about imperfection and this fits right in with that idea.

Picking Dandelions reminds us that walking with Jesus is about constant change and reevaluation, ups and downs, and that God loves us enough to not want us to remain the same.

Any questions you have about the book and/or for Sarah can be left in the comment section.

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Anonymous said...

I'm genuinely interested in reading this book, based on your review. Great job with your review here :) and I do love the analogy of people being compared to dandelions. very cool