Friday, February 26, 2010

Things I Am Strangely Attracted To:

1. The Dog Snuggie: And really, why wouldn't I be? I mean, I'm sitting here on the couch all warm and cozy in my own Snuggie (It's blue for your mental image making pleasure) and I look over at Roscoe and he's all: "I'm so cold and sad. Can I lay my shivering head on your lap and pilfer some warmth from you? I sure could use one of those Snuggies..."

2. The rubbery goop that is used to hold credit cards to the letter they come with. It's stretchy and looks like a massive booger. I mean, you can stretch and stretch that stuff and it hardly ever breaks! Serious stress reliever. After the stress therapy is over, you can stick it to your face and freak your family out by faux sneezing and then looking at them and asking: "Do I have anything on my face?"

3. Spanx: Now, I don't own a pair of these...yet...but I've heard songs of praise from many women for them. They're sort of like bionic pantyhose that hold both your thigh meat and your stomach fat in and create a smoother much more toned looking sillhouette. It sounds a bit like a sausage casing to me and I've heard it's a bit hard to breathe while wearing them BUT if I could control muffin top by wearing them, then I'm ok with reduced oxygen intake.

4. Playdoh: I love the smell and the texture. I like to smash it up against my nose and breathe deeply. It just smells so good. If I could make Playdoh scented air freshener then I would be in heaven. Playdoh heaven.

5. Completing a Duathlon: Yes, I just said that. I haven't even taken a run this winter...3 months give or take. I got this idea in my head that *I* would like to attempt to train for and complete a duathlon. That's running and biking for all you dears out there.

Crazy? Yes.

Masochistic? Perhaps.

Is it even possible? I'm not sure but I'll try.

I can honestly say that I adore biking. I love it so much...Running, on the other hand, has always been hard for me. I need to train a ton for an average performance. I will never be a happy runner but I can run. This body was built more for biking than running long distances. I have short legs, big thighs. I'm not a gazelle...I'm more like a bassett hound when it comes to running.

Que sera sera.


Anonymous said...

Well, I want a dog snuggie and I don't even have a damn dog.

Anonymous said...

haha, I love the rubbery stuff too on credit cards, I always play with it and flick it when I'm done! um, we're still talking about the credit card stuff right?? :) Playdoh is fun too, except when it's left out and it dries up, like it died from neglect :(

Anonymous said...

Play Doh is really cheap right? So why do we worry so much about mixing the colors? Its like a crime. Why is that? I should loosen up.

Melanie said...

I mix my playdoh colors all the time. Now, for some reason my 6 year old thinks it's a crime but I think it's "creative expression"...that's why I'm stuck buying her new playdoh all the time. *sigh*