Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Wind Beneath My Wings

Inspiration comes in many different can tickle as lightly as a feather or it can hit you like a ton of the shins...when you're wearing shorts. Picture it. NOW.

I have managed to surround myself over the years with people that have inspired me. They have inspired me without knowing for the most part, kind of like Secret Agent Inspiration Robots; only they're real people and not...robots.

If you asked most people who inspired them throughout life I bet you that most would list off actors, sports icons, or literary genius's. If you would have asked me that very question about 5 years ago, I would have been among most people in my answers. After I turned 30, my priorities shifted and I realized who I am and why I became the person that is looking back at me from the mirror.

And it's all because of my Secret Agent Inspiration Robots!

What? I said I turned 30 physically...I didn't say I matured emotionally to that age. Duh. *eye roll*

You never know who is inspired by the things that you say and do. People are always watching. Not to get you all paranoid or anything. It's not like people are watching you from behind the bushes in your front yard. I mean, they might be but really that's highly unlikely.

I just went from inspiration to weird in like, 5 seconds, ya'll. (OMG...that "ya'll" that just snuck out is *totally* my little sister's fault for dragging me to Tennessee with her last weekend. Now I'm going to have make up for it by using northern terms like "Pop". )

Remember: People rarely recall who won an Oscar or who had the nicest car...they remember what a person stood for and how they lived their lives.


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Anonymous said...

haha, I am right there with you, not the stalking, bush-watching robot analogy... well, maybe I am with you there, it was funny picturing it anyway. Inspiration for me has changed too, and I think the best way to describe it for me is how it went from the typical 'surface level' envy kind of stuff, to the more intimate "wow, they are awesome" inspiration. As we get older, we spend more time comparing our former, younger selves and I think it's healthy and normal to roll our eyes at ourselves... I thought I was coo back then :D I'm inspired by people's strength, intelligence, humor, leadership, ability to overcome... all these rich, spoiled, "living the dream" people... they hire people for that now, all they have to do is read a line, snort a line, then walk the line. :)