Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Ate The Whole Thing or My Birthday Weekend Gave Me Indigestion

I just celebrated my birthday. That glorious day when my mother came forth and gave birth to moi'. It was a dark and stormy night 29 yea...*ahem*...32 years ago and BAM! There I was in my full glory! Thanks, Mom.

Of course on ones birthday, you must partake in festivities such as dinner and treats and possibly a libation or two that may or may not include gelatin of some sort in those cute little mini cups. The day happened to fall on a Friday which meant I kept that party going ALL WEEKEND LONG. Dinner turned into breakfast which turned into Frito's and cheese dip which then turned into pizza on Sunday afternoon. I did take Roscoe, the wonder mutt, for a nice walk on Sunday but alas, I think it was too late to eliminate much of anything that I ate this past weekend.

I swear I can practically *hear* myself gaining the precious pounds back that I managed to lose the last 2 months. My arteries are probably closing in on themselves as I write. I think my right foot is a little numb too...

I have a new plan:


I want to plan out a route near my office...roughly about 3 miles and walk it 3 times a week on what would be my lunch. I rarely, if ever, leave my office to do anything so this would not only help me get some fresh air and exercise but possibly lower my stress level also.

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Anonymous said...

wonderful picture, I think your expressions you usually have on the inside just escaped a little bit here. but hey, you are rocking it out in an ACDC shirt so kudos to you and your FACE!! :D