Friday, July 30, 2010

One Reason My Daughter Is So Strange

I didn't get to hear this conversation first hand, unfortunately, but The Sprite (remember the bestie and running partner?) told me about it after the fact.

Scene: Megan just got home from gymnastics and is still in her leotard. She's playing in the front yard with the neighbor kids. The adults are standing nearby talking. The Sprite's brother in law, we'll call him Bobo, is there and says to Megan who is wearing her leotard:

Bobo: "Hey, Meg...are you leotarded?"

Meg: *blank stare* (She learned that from her mama...)

Just one of the many examples of how my friends and I have managed to warp my daughter into the weirdo she is today.

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PhoenixRising said...

As if leotarded wasn't funny enough, her blank stare is priceless. When I see Kiddo give me my own looks back, I can't help but laugh!