Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Everything Is Better With Bacon

That's right, folks! It's another irregular installment of "What I found on the Internet today!" and this time it's something that all of us love...BACON!

First, we have my personal favorite: Bacon Lip balm:

Now, the main problem I see with this product is that your lips would smell like bacon. I, personally, cannot resist bacon and might end up chewing my lips off which would be really inconvenient if you think about it.

Our next bacon themed product we have is Gummy Bacon!
The issue I have with this particular bacon themed product is the fact that it's strawberry flavored. Why would you develop gummy bacon and make it taste like strawberries?!? It's just goes against everything I believe in.

Finally, we have the Bacon Air Freshener. Mmmmmm...smells like bacon, baby.

The only flaw I found with this bacon novelty is the fact that it isn't flavored as well as scented like the delicious bacon that it represents...I suppose we can't always get everything that we want though.

Remember: Enjoy your bacon responsibly!


April said...

Oh my goodness. Too funny! You should be on Leno with this stuff. Doesn't he do the crazy things on eBay thing? lol. You crack me up, and I agree with your bacon assessments!

Melanie said...

It just amazes me how many strnge things are on the internet. People must be buying them...but who? WHO?!?

PC Murray said...