Monday, May 4, 2009

Somebody Stop Me

I've really lost it. My mind is gone and I don't remember where I put it. Why, you ask, have I deemed myself "crazy"? I'll tell you why...

I'm running the Dexter/Ann Arbor 5K on May 31st AND I convinced The Sprite, aka Alicia, to run it with me.

My reasoning? To see if I can actually make it through the 5K without throwing up, cramping up, giving up and/or dying. It was the trip to the shoe store that did me in. Oh, Running Fit you sneaky thing! All the shiny postcards about running events with full color pictures of happy, bouncy runners on them sucked me right in. Somewhere in the twisted, ridiculously over-confident recesses of my mind I figured that I should actually run in one of the events prior to The Rose Run.

Yeah, good idea, Mel.

Then I realized that I had picked up a second postcard for a trail run. I think I picked it up only because it was purple and had a cute name...Flirt With Dirt. After all, purple is my favorite color. The run is on a dirt trail and starts/finishes on top of the sledding hill at a park. It sounds painful so why am I so intrigued? WHY? This is more evidence that proves beyond a doubt that I've lost it. Now, I haven't quite mentioned this run to The Sprite yet so let's keep this in between you and I, okay? I'm hoping that we do so well on the Dexter/Ann Arbor 5K that she'll agree to this one. Either that or I'll end up throwing in my running shoes for good and drowning my sorrows in a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.

I have exactly 4 weeks from today to convince my body that it can and will run 3.1 miles without stopping or passing out.

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