Thursday, May 7, 2009

Watch Out Chuck Norris!

I lifted last night. I'm not talking about lifting a fork to my mouth either. I lifted free weights or dumbbells...whichever you prefer. Now, I know that this blog is all about my running issues and/or mental issues but I did mention somewhere a few posts before this one...that I was going to integrate strength training into my schedule.

Yes, I know that was at least 2 weeks ago. I like to take my time making these types of committments. Remember: I don't like pain and it's good buddy, fatigue. No, I don't. Say it with me!

I used a video that has been on my shelf for quite some time. It's part of *The Beach Body Series and is led by Tony Horton and his crew. The specific video is the Power 90 strength training section which is 30 minutes long. I did it and I lived to tell about it. As a matter of fact, I'm going to use heavier weights next time because the 5 pound ones that I used are much too light for a woman of my strength and superior fitness level.

Oh, I can tell you are impressed.

Now I'm sore and I'm walking kind of like Frankenstein after he had one too many drinks at the local pub. Will the pain ever end? I'm planning on a run tonight...depending on if I feel like I haven't just been run over by a zamboni driven by a rabid monkey.

*Beach Body and Tony Horton have no idea who I am nor do they care what I'm doing. I'm not trying to sell anything and I'm not an official spokesperson for anyone or anything that I write about on my tiny little blog. The products that I mention on here are just products that I happen to like or in this case, have a love/hate relationship with. I feel so much better...I'm totally purged of responsibility.

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