Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Call For Prayers!

OK, I know I still haven't posted the gory details of my run or pictures but listen, you guys know I'm a super dork and I'll get it all up in due time...maybe tonight? Don't hold me to that though.

I just found out that Carrie Samples (this girl is an inspiration to all of us for real) has to go back in for another surgery. I don't know the details but she may have posted it on her page which is linked over there on my sidebar...do you see it? No, it's on the right and down a bit...there you go.

Click on it. Read her story. I dare you not to want to do something, anything about cancer and all it affects. If you are not amazed by this little chicky you are not human.

Above all, regardless of what your spiritual persuasion may be, pray for her...send her positive energy...light a candle...um...whatever you choose to do is up to you but keep her in your thoughts.

Go Carrie!

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