Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Final Countdown

The journey is almost complete for me. Look at my countdown clock and you'll see that I have less than 20 days to go until the 5K that I originally set out to train for. In the meantime, I've managed to go from running less than half of a mile to running a little over 3 straight miles and I'll let you in on a little secret...I could probably run farther than that. I've had great runs and terrible runs...gosh, that just doesn't sound right, does it?

I've had minor injuries, I've ran through rain, cold, heat, wind, hills, and vicious dogs; so what if they were on the other side of a fence? Stop judging me. I've pushed myself to the limit and I've wimped out and accepted that some days you're the pigeon and other days you're the statue; if you know what I mean. I ran my first 5K almost 2 months before I had planned to ever run that distance. I gained a running buddy who makes these workouts and planning these races bearable; she has never let me give up and she wouldn't let me beat myself up for missed workouts.

I still don't really like running. I'm just not a natural born runner. I'm going to keep doing it though because there were those that thought I'd never stick to it; that it was passing phase. I love to prove people wrong. It's that sadistic streak I have in me. I mean, it's not like I carry a whip and make people kiss my feet or anything...I just like to have the satisfaction of knowing that I did something that others thought I wouldn't and/or couldn't do. Those "In Your Face" moments are priceless; call me what you will.

I dare you.

I'm kidding.

Sort of.

The question in my mind now is: Do I stop blogging? The event that I started this blog for is almost here and gone. Do I continue with the running theme or do you think I could throw some other useless experiences that I have on here? Does anyone even care?

Good-bye, cruel world!

I'm so dramatic.

I guess I'll make the decision to continue on with some form of verbal vomit after I finish The Rose Run and post about that. This was one of the best decisions that I've made for myself, I have to admit. I found strength that I didn't know I had and I have been able to accept the areas of weakness also.

Thanks, Rose for being that inspiration and not indigestion.


@silverpeanut said...

whoa! you can't stop now! what are all of us your faithful supporters supposed to do???
I say when you are good at something you should keep doing it. You my friend, are a great blogger! :)

* kudos *

Pete said...

A blog is whatever you want it to be - keep writing about whatever interests you - I find mine to be constantly evolving. Your posts are always entertaining, hope you keep it up!