Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Oh gawd...are you serious? How many walls can one ridiculously slow runner hit before she feels that running may really not be her "thing"? I have to run...I have to run...I have to run. But do I, really? When can I expect to start enjoying the run? When do my shins start to feel good during a run? When will my legs carry me faster than a 10 minute mile? I feel like a geriatric midget. I want to run faster but it seems that my body does not want to run faster. Maybe I could convince someone to find a rabid pit bull and let it chase me? I think that would help me run faster.


Then again, I may just decide to give up and become din din for the rabid pit bull. I think I'd go well with a nice Chianti, don't you think?

I believe that my answer is intervals. Now I just have to figure out how intervals work. From what I've read, intervals are sprinting and jogging mixed into one painful, horrible, mind challenging run. I've heard they work for increasing speed and distance. If I'm wrong I'd love someone to throw me a bone here...

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