Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Rose Run

I did it!

The Rose Run was yesterday, July 18, 2009 at 8:30 am in Petersburg, Michigan. There was a fantastic turnout and it was inspiring and painful at the same time. There was the physical pain of the run, of course...I mean, who do you think I am? But at the same time, there was the pain of heartbreak and loss during the many times that I stopped and actually realized why I was there.

Rose is gone.

Rose, the mother of one of my very best childhood friends is gone. The woman who baked the most outstanding chocolate chip cookies, who always had a smile on her face, who welcomed everyone into her home...the woman who knew me from the time I was in elementary school through college...weddings and babies; was not there. We wouldn't be running this race, we wouldn't have to, if she was still with us. It was a bittersweet moment.

As I lined up with the Sprite at the starting line; I stood there and looked around at the faces of old friends, Rose's family members, and faces of people who never knew Rose. I know that she would have been proud of everyone but most of all, she would have been overwhelmed with pride for her daughter, Jessica, who organized the event.

As we waited at the starting line, we were all handed a red balloon with a tag on it that simply stated: "In honor and memory Rose Marie Hunt". We released the balloons at the start of the race and it was a beautiful statement. Rose would have loved it I'm sure. There were several times during the race that I begged the Sprite not to let me stop...I had hurt my knee somehow the day prior to the race and that was bothering me. I kept going though with the support of her. Darn it, I wanted to stop a few times though! Running hurts. *sigh*

You know what the kicker is? I put my name in a raffle to win a free entry for next year's Rose Run and I won. Is that a sign that I can't quit running? I think so. Jessica called me today to tell me that they had drawn my name. I was so excited and then I realized that this means I can't stop running...I have to keep it up. I'm good with that. I can't believe it but I am happy to have that goal to keep me going. Whatever it takes, right? So, be prepared for more whining and sarcasm from me in the future about running and any other physical fitness obsessions I may take on.

Thanks, Rose. I know you were there yesterday looking down on all of us. You're missed by everyone who knew you. Below is a quote from Rose prior to her passing away...Jessica asked her what advice she wanted to pass on and this is what she said...

"Be Happy. Be a family. That's it." -Rose Hunt

I think that says it all. Don't you?


@silverpeanut said...

Great post! isn't this one the one all your previous posts were leading to? :) Congratulations on a completed race, and thanks for sharing with your readers the experience. I've already pointed your blog to three new runners over the last few weeks.

Happy vibes ~-~


Melanie said...

Thanks! Hopefully they can get some encouragement from my experience. It's not easy but nothing is easy that's truly worth it!

Pete said...

You made it! Sounds like a very emotional day for you and all involved - it's great that you could do this. And yes, the free entry is a sign - there's no turning back now!