Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why I Don't Need A Personal Trainer

I have a daughter, Megan; she's 6 years old and she is now acting like Richard Simmons incarnate. I asked her on Sunday if she'd like to ride her bike with me while I ran and she gave a very enthusiastic "YES!" to me. Great, I thought, I can get her outside and get my run done at the same time. Brilliant idea. Bravo, I say.

What was I thinking?!? Did you know that a 6 year old can ride their bike approximately 963.2 miles per hour? Did you know that at that speed they cannot hear their winded hippo of a mother screaming in a slightly emphysemic tone to "SLOW DOWN!"? Neither did I.

So, later that same night, in my never ending genius way of thinking I ask Megan: "Do you want to do a workout video with Mommy tomorrow?" and of course in her best Richard Simmons imitation she says: "YES!" At this point you may be asking yourself what I was thinking and my honest answer is that I have no idea, maybe exhaustion from sprinting after my 6 year old had clouded my judgement. Moving on...

My phone rang today. Seems her father thought it was wise to let her call me. Do you want to know what the first words out of her mouth were? "Mommy, remember you said I could work out with you today? What are we going to do? Which video are we going to play? What's Tae Bo?...." That's the only reason she wanted to call me. She didn't beg to go play at her friend's house, she didn't ask where her Webkinz were; the only reason she called was to remind me that we were working out and I wasn't getting out of it. You have got to be kidding me. Is this some kind of divine intervention? Has God decided that the only way to motivate me is through my little girl morphing into some fitness dictator?

The child is harder on me than a personal trainer but at least I don't have to pay her.

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Pete said...

With a daughter like that, you definitely need a Wii! I thought about having my 5-year-old pace me on his bike - maybe I need to reconsider...