Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Start of My 5K Training

Alright....Day 1 is down...I started training on Monday, March 24, 2009 for The Rose Run 5K. My plan consists of running/walking and gradually building up to just running a straight 3 miles. I'm supposed to do this plan 3 times a week and it gradually eliminates the walking aspect. I thought I was ready to go...wrong. I couldn't find my stopwatch or ANY timekeeping device soooo the whole "warm up with walking for 5 minutes then jog for 60 seconds with 90 second walking intervals for 20 minutes" was not easy. I'm having a hard enough time not wheezing my head off or falling over or cursing my sports bra to really keep accurate time. Argh. But I still strapped my shoes on and did my best....well, maybe not my best but darn it, I hate running! I did a mile on the path around the neighborhood with minimal swearing because I couldn't breathe for most of's the small victories, right? I did go out and buy a new stopwatch and tonight it's back on again. I have to admit that I'm still a bit sore and my shoes suck. I know I'll have to invest in a new pair but for now, I just don't have the moolaa. Oh, I also bought a book about training to run: The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide For Women. I know that this isn't a marathon but it might as well be for me. I'm not using her running plan but I am enjoying her very candid advice on everything about running. Anyone else running? Any advice? Want to share how it's going for you?

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