Thursday, March 26, 2009


This all started with Rose. No ordinary Rose though. Rose was the mother of my very best childhood friend, Jessica. She battled breast cancer for years and just this past January she finally lost the fight. Jessica is an amazing woman. Instead of burying her head in the sand or being overtaken by grief she organized The Rose Run. A 5K event that is being held on July 18, 2009 in our hometown of Petersburg, Michigan.

Naturally I wanted to help out. "Put me to work, " I said. Something in my heart nagged at me though. Something inside of me wanted me to actually participate in this event. Now, I wanted to believe that this nagging inside of me was indigestion instead of inspiration. Running and Melanie do not mix. I'm not a runner. I've never enjoyed it. It hurts. It makes me sweat...and quite frankly, I'd rather be sitting on my butt watching tv or chewing on glass than running. I mean, running is great to GET AWAY from things that will hurt you or TOWARDS stuff that you want like the ice cream truck or a great sale at Macy's but running for the sake of running? C'mon now.

The urge didn't go away even with mass doses of Tums. I guess it wasn't indigestion afterall. *sigh* This blog is a way to keep myself entertained, motivated and accountable while I train for this event. On a serious note, which is very rare for me, I want to do this for Rose. I want to do this for this incredible courageous woman and for her amazing family. This is for you, Rose.

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Expressing Motherhood said...

Melanie, You can do this.
FYI, I went from being able to barely run 2 running a 10k. (I ran for 1 hour and 12 minutes straight.)
Seriously, you can do this. I'm very proud of you.