Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This Is Just A Test...

I took a short hiatus from running not by choice but because I think that I caught the slowpainfuldeath virus. Have you heard of it? It starts off as a harmless tickle in the throat, which turns into a tolerable sore throat, that turns into the most excruciatingly painful sore throat EVER. Then it takes the rest of the body down in the form of aching joints, sleeplessness and finally, oh this is the BEST part, nausea followed by yarking my guts out for a full 24 hours. So, you'll have to pardon the fact that I have not been my chipper self. I'm rarely sick and it's even more rare for me to be so sick I'm stuck in bed not able or willing to move. I was on such a good streak as far as running goes before I was struck down with the virus from Hell that I'm a bit concerned about how I'm going to do tonight after not running for 5 days. Not to mention my back and feet are rejoicing at all the endless rest time they've been given. I can practically hear them saying: "Hey, we thought you were serious about all that running mumbo jumbo! We forgive you, now pass the popcorn." They are going to be very annoyed when they realize that this was a temporary pause in my new way of life. Oh well, I haven't had to use massive doses of Advil in DAYS I was kind of missing trying to gag down those little painkilling pills. I may be facing a complete mutiny by my body but I'm running tonight...this is more important than some minor muscle aches and pains.

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